A Summer Summary

Protagonist: Kate aka 4amWriter

Setting: Summer in NH

Plot: Kate, a fiction writer with an obsession for fairies, beer, and Ewan McGregor, must figure out how to write more than just one hour a day while the kids are out of school for 2 months. She’s got a third book in the works, but trouble is she has little time to write it. Waking up at 4 in the morning was once her go-to strategy, but it is starting to lose its appeal. To make matters worse, on top of writing a book she needs to query her second book. And, don’t even ask her about her first book. Not if you want to live.

Can Kate complete the next draft to her book before she loses her mind?

Or, did she lose that long ago? Continue reading

Writing Process Blog Hop

I was invited by a rather new blogging acquaintance of mine, Karin Van den Bergh, to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop. I have never played this game, but being the adventurous blogger team player I am, I decided to give it a whirl. This is how the hopping works: I’ll introduce you to Karin, then I’ll answer four questions on my own writing process, and finally, I’ll introduce you to another stupendous writer. Continue reading

Book Giveaway from Author Danika Dinsmore

I have a special treat today. One of the first blogging buddies I ever made is here today to talk about living a purpose-driven life.

author danika dinsmore writerDanika Dinsmore writes middle-grade fiction. She is published by Hydra House (based in Seattle, Washington). Faerie Tales from the White Forest is her first novel series. The third book in the series, Ondelle of Grioth, will be officially released tomorrow. Continue reading

Britt’s Life Enthusiast Chronicles

This is not a picture of my dog. This is a mixed wolf – half gray wolf and half Husky. Her name is Spirit. She was abused by her owner, but later she was rescued and rehabilitated by a woman named Brenda. Doesn’t Spirit have a sweet face?


wolves inspire me with my writing

The fun-loving, energetic, and talented Britt Skrabanek is an indie author who has recently made a move to Portland, Oregon. While Britt is unpacking her bags, I am making myself at home on her blog.

Please come on by and read about one of my greatest passions. I’ll be waiting for you!

Pen Names: Sleazy or Savvy Writing Strategy

One of my writing friends, Amy, told me about a self-published author she met. The woman – let’s call her Sheba – apparently supports herself and her husband publishing sci-fi and non-fiction. She sold 40,000 books last year. Continue reading

A Writing Contest Tale

This past December, I came across a writing contest run by a local independent publishing company. The contest was open to all fiction. Contestants were to send in their first 15 pages, no query or logline required. The pages were to be anonymous, but the email cover letter needed to have contact information.

The judges would pick their favorites from the initial round, contact the contestants to send in full manuscripts, and they’d announce the top 3 winners in March. Continue reading