Versatile Blog Award!

Thanks to the loveable writers over at Limebird Writers I have been  nominated for the Versatile Blog Award!

Now I get to pass it on! But first I have to follow some rules. I love rules. So, I am right in my element here.

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post. Yup. See above.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.  Yup. See below.

3. Pass this award along to 15 blogs you enjoy reading. Yup. See farther below.

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award. Yup. Can’t you hear all the hoots and hollers?

Okay, 7 things about myself:

I am left-handed.

My hero is Walt Disney.

I used to own two cats named Garlic and Kahlua.

I can name all the United States Presidents by heart–in sequential order.

My favorite drink is a Harpoon IPA.

I can make a mean dessert.

I collect bird feathers.

     Now for the passing on of the award:

  1. A great self-published author (and a wonderful human being). Al is a master in the social media arena and routinely goes out of his way to help other writers market their work.
  2. As a writing coach and a facilitator of creative writing programs for children, I refer to this site regularly. Great info here.
  3. This title says it all! If you love dogs, this is a must-visit!
  4. Josh Alexander started Wolf Defender to “draw awareness to all of the unjust actions that are being taken against wolves in the United States [and] to hopefully educate the willing on the true nature of these great animals.” He had me at Wolf Defender.

And this might seem unfair because number 5 is for Josh Alexander again but regarding his amazing photography on nature and wildlife.


6. Professional writers from my home state of New Hampshire talk about the craft and business of writing.

7.  “Thoughts on life from a simple traveller – no more, no less.”

8. A travelogue blogged and penned about an RV trip down US Route 1.

9. Cyranette stimulates writers through a daily question, beginning sentence, beginning paragraph, prompt, and word-of-the-day.

10. “Here you’ll find writing and publishing tips, thoughts on the philosophy of writing, and weekly prompts supported by a community of both new and seasoned writers.”

11. A journalist from Savannah, Georgia who also writes fiction.

12. I just really love Pat’s blog filled with photos and notes on her RV travels. She has a dog, too, and I’m a sucker for dogs (as we know from #3 in this list).

13. A writer and a photographer who loves wolves as much as I do.

14. A fun blending of flash fiction, short stories, essays about the craft of writing, and interviews.

15. If you love Nancy Drew, you must check out this website.

12 thoughts on “Versatile Blog Award!

  1. Now that I understand what’s behind your name, I must bow down. Anybody that gets up at 4 am to write deserves some kind of trophy. I salute you. I’ve never been face to face with a wolf, but I would love it, since I love dogs, and heck, they’re cousins. I love birds too, and their feathers are full of meaning, especially to aboriginals.

    You rock!


    • Hi Nancy!

      Haha. Yeah, I get a lot of wide-eyed expressions of amazement when people find out I get up that early! Being face-to-face with a wolf is a fantastic experience–I highly recommend it! :) I have a book about feathers and the meanings associated to each bird, it’s fascinating. If I had a few more hours in the day I would love to further explore the magic of feathers.

      You rock, too!


  2. Congratulations! :D You really deserve it ;) I found it quite interesting that you collect bird feathers. It’s a quite unusual hobby for me. I would also love to see some pics of your mean desserts!


    • Hey Fredrik!

      From one versatile blogger to another–thanks. You’re the one who got me into all of this, you realize. ;) Do you collect bird feathers, too? Pics of my mean desserts–hmm–maybe I’ll grant you a couple. Christmas is around the bend after all and I do have to start baking!!


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