Writers Anonymous

“As time passed, I became more obsessed with writing. I took as many writing courses as I could, read all kinds of books, dreamed of being published. But I didn’t talk a lot about my writing, because I didn’t fully understand my relationship with it. Was it just a hobby? Was this a pipe dream? Was I even good enough? I didn’t know. Part of me was too insecure to discover what my writing self was made of. The other part of me couldn’t not write. Blend the two together and you get a half-assed writer.”

Let's chat over at Limebird Writers.

Let’s chat over at Limebird Writers.

I am posting today at Limebird Writers. Come over and chat!

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21 thoughts on “Writers Anonymous

  1. Kate: What works for characters comes from the writer: “Doubt, the Forgotten Element. What does your character doubt? Her abilities? Her sexuality? Her intelligence? Doubt always leads to hesitation—that moment before she pulls the triggers, slashes off her hair, slices her wrist. Doubt is the powerful inhibitor of action. Because the character doubts his physical prowess, he fails to engage the villain in combat. Failing in combat, he loses the battle. Losing the battle leads him to the brink of death. Doubt is serious business in fiction.” And so it is for the writer as well. Nice piece.

    • Hi Jack, I love how you tie in fiction to life. I sometimes forget how closely they are related; I appreciate the reminders. If nothing else, I am very much like my characters.

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  3. I have posted a comment on the lime bird site. I so much agree with your saying to keep a healthy relationship with the writing voice – not putting too much stress on it and to write first and foremost for ourselves. That comment alone made me relax the tension I had with inner and yes, some outer voices as well when it came to ‘being a good and consistent blogger is to keep your followers happy..’ I write for my own pleasure and when I’m inspired to do so. Of course, it’s always nice to know someone appreciates it too ;)

    • Blogging is an aspect of my writing journey that I haven’t figured out yet. When I miss a week of posting, I feel guilty because I think about this community and wanting to participate my fair share. Luckily we all know what it is like to maintain a regular blogging schedule, so I realize I don’t have to explain myself. ;)

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