4amWriter is One Lovely Blog

Beth over at Limebird Writers nominated me with the One Lovely Blog Award!

Thank you Beth!


Apparently, there aren’t any rules for this award. So, I am going to turn around and present this award to 5 of the top commenters on my blog. (After scouting through my top 30 commenters, I found that many of them have already received this award. So, a couple of my nominees are fairly new commenters on my blog, but as far as I can tell have not received this award.)

http://fhhakansson.com/ Very cool sci-fi writer and awesome poet. He even dances! It is because of Fredrik that I have any followers at all. It’s true, buddy.

http://chickdickmysteries.com/ Love, love, love this gal. I wish she lived closer to me because I think we’d have a rip-roaring good time buying shoes and talking shop. I’d even introduce her to a wolf or two. :)

http://patbean.wordpress.com/ I cannot get over this woman and the beauty and peace she brings into my life through her photos and her posts.

http://rickbudashead.wordpress.com/ I truly appreciate his comments on my posts as he is always thanking me for helping him write. I can’t think of anything better in this writing gig than to hear that I have inspired or helped someone.

http://spookymrsgreen.wordpress.com/ We’ve only just met, but I have enjoyed exchanging comments over blogging, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Quite an interesting woman.