Why Balance Keeps You Stuck

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Words don’t always fit each and every one of us in the same way. We use them, believe in them, and there’s a real possibility we are setting ourselves up to believe in something that isn’t applicable to us.

One such word that really rubs me the wrong way is BALANCE.

Now I’m not talking about the word in the sense of balancing our checkbooks, or balancing play groups in school, or balancing a tray of dishes. The idea of balance works in those scenarios.

I’m talking about how so many of us use the word to describe how we strive to manage the different aspects of our lives, goals, responsibilities, and interruptions. It’s all about balance.

Some time ago, I stopped using that word to describe my efforts in managing my daily grind. I realized that I will never find balance in the sense of trying to keep things evened out, equalized, stress-free. I was actually making things worse with my constant struggle to make everything work in a “balanced” way.

I posted about this HERE where I also introduce my new word that works so much better for me. In fact, since dropping “balance” from my vocabulary I have created more time in my day. How in the hellula is that possible? But there you have it. Read the post to see if my word choice is one you might like to add to your daily vocabulary.

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How to return to writing after a break

Approaches to Storycraft

Creativity isn’t just about imagination. Creativity is about choices, experimentation, adventure, learning, and fun.

Everything in life requires a measure of creativity, to imagine and execute ideas. Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re exploring a sea cave, trying a new recipe, learning a language, speaking during a meeting at work, rooting for your child at a soccer game, you’re being creative.

Taking a break from writing, then, doesn’t have to be a deep scar gutting your journey. Taking a break can simply mean you’re growing from another perspective. That you’re adding to your creative well from other sources. That you’re making something possible. That you’re developing your skills, your approach.

Staying positive about your break from writing is crucial. The minute we bring negative thoughts and limiting beliefs into the mix, it’s game over.

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How Disney Sparks My Writing Magic

Inspiration, Magic, and Creativity

There is a magic I associate with Disney because Disney helped pull me through some painful adolescent days and some tough times at home. I have grown to trust that Disney will pull me through anything, revitalize me, clarify my vision, refuel me.

Disney sparks a writing magic that helped me forge my identity and my journey. A writing magic that hits me in the gut and reminds me of what I want to achieve with my stories.

But it’s tough magic too, getting me to dig deep, to challenge myself. Am I happy with my progress? Am I being daring enough? Am I taking advantage of opportunities?

Disney reminds me of all that is possible, even when there are plenty of obstacles and walls. He knew what he wanted to achieve, even before it had been done or dreamed. He was a man of invention, imagination, innovation. He believed in himself and what he could achieve, and he didn’t let anything stand in his way.

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Strategic goals are an essential element to being productive—even for creatives. You will make progress if you have a strategy propelling your actions + decisions. Read the Marching toward goals blog series by Kate Johnston | Author and Story Coach to learn how can use create a successful goal planning system.

Marching Toward Goals Blog Series

Approaches to Storycraft

Strategic goals are an essential element to being productive—even for creatives. You will make progress if you have a strategy propelling your actions + decisions.

In my 4-part blog series on Marching Toward Goal Achievement, you will learn the “sweet spot” in a goal strategy, the definition of a Goal Tier, why some goals fail, the no-fail goal schedule, and how to grow your goals for maximum productivity.

Wrapping all of these lessons together is your natural writing forces — how your own real-world and writer selves work. Knowing under what conditions you work best will help you set goals that make sense and are “growable” for maximum productivity and wins.


The “Sweet Spot” in a Goal Strategy



Why Do Some Goals Fail?



How to Create a Goal Schedule



How to Use Plan and Action to Achieve Goals


Check out the posts and let me know how you’re managing your goal plan!

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What are Your Writing Fears?

Approaches to Storycraft

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