Sunday Spin: The Soulsby Farm

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We’ve just gotten through quite a spell of rain.  We have the kind of sloppy ground where worms must crawl to the surface or else they’ll drown. I found an enormous worm in the parking lot of my kids’ school. He was wriggling in a puddle, but he wouldn’t last long during AM drop-off. So, I bent down, scooped him up and flung him to some higher ground where he had a better chance of survival.

Yes, I rescue many forms of wildlife.

My son said, “Mom, you should have saved him for your compost pile.”

My daughter scoffed, “How would she get it home? Put it in her pocket?”

Then they doubled over in laughter at the idea of me forgetting I have a worm in my pocket, sitting down, promptly squishing it.


Anyway, the conversation reminded me that I need to rehab my compost pile. I’m a fair-weather composter. I don’t trudge out back in the middle of January with my banana peels or coffee grounds. I’m pretty lazy about turning the pile to keep everything cooking. I don’t layer it the way I’m supposed to. But, even my half-arsed efforts have yielded me some nice (albeit of a small quantity) compost from year to year.

I know that it’s a little late in the year to get started. However, I saw this post on The Soulsby Farm about building a worm farm and I was curious to know what I was doing wrong. If I was doing anything right. Immediately I am intrigued by the simple, cheap list of supplies! And Cheerios? You’re kidding me. My family goes through eggs and Cheerios the way Red Wiggler worms do, so now I am hooked. I need to re-do my compost pile so that it works like that! The pictures make the process look easy, and it won’t take me all day.

And even better is knowing I can do this with a  cold beer in one hand.

Gardening can’t get much more enjoyable than that.


16 thoughts on “Sunday Spin: The Soulsby Farm

  1. I don’t think I could have them in the house! My husband and I tried composting at our first house, with less-than-spectacular results. After that, we went for native and hardy plants in the landscaping to avoid having to use too much water and artificial fertilizers. 🙂

    I might go for a glass of wine instead of the beer, but that sounds like a civilized way to go about gardening! 🙂


    • Oh, no, I would never put the compost in my house. With my luck, it would come apart and worms would be everywhere!

      I like the compost piles more for disposing of my kitchen scraps than anything, actually. I notice that I don’t fill up half as many trash bags when I’m actively composting. And, because we have to buy special town garbage bags if we want the town to pick up our trash, then the fewer bags I go through-the better.

      Beer, wine, margarita, bourbon and ginger–I’d take any cocktail along for the ride. 🙂


    • For me, getting started is the work and then it is just a matter of keeping up with it. Like laundry. 🙂 Clean laundry is worth it, so I think composting is worth a shot, too! Especially if you have the space for the bins. Thanks for commenting.


  2. We have been composting for a few years and I am hooked for life! It makes me feel much less guilty to throw food into our compost where it turns into dirt, instead of right into the garbage. Cardboard eggshell containers, newspapers, leaves, grass, food scraps, chicken poo…there’s no science to how I do it but one day I looked into the compost bin and oh my goodness, there it was….dirt! I understand why gardeners call it, “golden dirt.” It’s a beautiful thing.

    I was seriously amazed. We keep a little bucket (with a lid!) right on the kitchen counter. One my lucky children gets to empty it daily. Oh, compost is grand. Good luck!


    • Hi Amy, of all my blogging friends I knew you would be the one to come out and say composting is grand, lol. My mother-in-law loves her compost pile, too. She saves the juice and everything. She really gets into it, but then again she has the time and a beautiful veggie garden to take care of.

      I definitely want to redo the one I started, and I love how Soulsby Farm laid it all out so clearly. It really does look so simple how can I not at least give it a whirl?


  3. Thanks for the Soulsby link, Kate! Sounds super-easy. I’ll be sure to share with my composting family! (Unfortunately, the city frowns upon this sort of thing, when you don’t have the space to make it work.) 🙂


    • Hey Mayumi, you’re very welcome. It does sound easy, which is why I jumped on this site. Ah, city life. While it’s nice to be close to so many things a city has to offer, the limitations can be a real pain. And I’m sure you don’t want to be putting your compost pile inside your home!


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