Sunday Spin: Rebecca in the Woods

Welcome to Sunday Spin, where I blog about life beyond the realm of writing.

Yesterday, we went to a fair where booths were set up by local businesses. One of the booths was run by the Center for Wildlife, a private, non-profit organization that rehabilitates and provides sanctuary for injured wild animals, and to promote respect for wildlife and the environment.

The girl running the booth had a snake, known as a corn snake, red and orange and black. He reminded me of a sunset, just gorgeous. It is not native to New Hampshire, rather it lives in the southeastern portion of the states. The snake’s name was Zipper, and it was coiled all around her arm, looking at us and flicking out its tongue.

I ADORE snakes. So, I was all over this. She let us pet it, and when I reached my hand out it slithered onto my arm. My kids got a big kick out of it. Hubby nearly fainted.

This blog post by Rebecca in the Woods was rather timely. She didn’t come across a corn snake, but the way that snake is coiled seems to be how snakes prefer to lounge.

And I echo Rebecca’s plea: Don’t kill snakes.


16 thoughts on “Sunday Spin: Rebecca in the Woods

  1. I tend to agree with Robin–snakes freak me out. But I don’t kill them; I’m too scared to get close. Snakes and I have a deal: stay away from me, and I’ll stay away from you!


  2. I respect snakes and their important role in the ecosystem. In fact, I respect them so much, I will give them plenty of room and try not to disturb them by getting too close to them. 🙂

    We would see some in the yard occasionally at our last house. If one had ever gotten inside, I think I’d have been screaming from the (hopefully) safe perch atop the kitchen island. 🙂


  3. “I respect your feelings” – you make me laugh! I have a greater appreciation for snakes now that I am slightly more mature, but I will still scream if we encounter one another in the yard. Love your Sunday Spins and I love that you love snakes! More women should.


    • Amy, now you’re the one making me laugh. You do realize that you’d be encountering a garter snake in your yard. They don’t eat Human. 🙂

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the Spins, I’m having fun with them.


  4. That’s great that you like snakes! They can be really beautiful, though I don’t think I’ve ever really coiled one around anything or touched one (I guess I’d remember if I had). But I agree we need to respect all forms of wildlife a lot more.


    • Hi Rebecca,

      No problem! I was thrilled to find your post around the same time I met my own snake. 🙂 Cool, I’m excited to read more about your snake adventures.


    • Hey Kourtney,

      We did have fun, and hubby is finally breathing normally again. I think yours is a perfectly reasonable attitude towards snakes. Thanks for reading!


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