A persuasive letter, kid style

My son is learning how to write persuasive letters in school. Students have to pick their own topics, and the topic has to be an issue they are dealing with personally.

Ginger, my English Setter

“Gross? Moi?”


When he decided on his topic, he asked me if I thought he’d get in trouble at school because of a particular word he had to use. I told him I figured his teacher would get a kick out of it, and I was willing to bet nobody else would have a similar topic. I then asked him if he was worried how his sister might react, but he said No! with such authority I knew we’re headed for a family meeting …


Riley's persuasive letter to Dad regarding a certain chore

Ginger, my English setter wearing purple eyeglasses

“Now, let’s talk about this like adults.”

Anyone else out there have a kid who’s rallying for his rights?!


60 thoughts on “A persuasive letter, kid style

  1. Ha! I love that. Not sure if he’ll get his wish, but he gets an A+ for effort. Years ago my youngest wrote us a letter on why we should get a ferret. It didn’t work, but it was a nice save for his scrap book. πŸ™‚


  2. That young man could be destined for great works of persuasion! Perhaps he and Maddy could work out their differences here in Oregon! With our nine dogs, they would soon become very skilled at dealing with dog poops! πŸ™‚ Great post.


  3. I can just imagine that his sister is not thrilled with his well-reasoned arguments. πŸ™‚ She might just want to start brainstorming her counter-argument for Dad! I must agree with your son, thoughβ€”poop patrol should be a shared duty!


    • Haha, I agree, JM. As I mentioned to Carrie, I believe Maddy is right on a letter of her own. I’m not sure how Riley ended up being saddled with poop duty all by his lonesome. This is one chore that we might have to reconfigure!


  4. Oh, my…I LOVED this! Your son is brilliant. I love his reasoning behind why he shouldn’t pick up the dog poops alone. When we got Ginger a million years ago (it seems), I made the poop scooping part of the bargain of getting a dog (because I didn’t want one). My oldest daughter agreed to poop scoop if she got the dog, and she never missed and was absolutely wonderful at it…until she left for college. Then my son inherited her chore and he felt about it like your son does…and it wasn’t kept up as nicely as my daughter did it.


  5. I am impressed – as an ELA teaxher i would have really appreciated the writing. You were absolutely correct – one of a kind. As for your dilemna, We have the same battle here – except at this time of the year, many of the dog poops are covered in snow or really easy to find. My daughter wanted the dog but wants nothing to do with the dog poop. My 17-year-old son is the one who does most of the dog poop picking. He doesn’t like it either. I empathize with your son. Somebody will have to do it!


  6. Oh, this is so funny and argued from so many different angles as well (a future lawyer in the works perhaps). His poor sister was really thrown under the bus, wasn’t she? And those photos are perfect, Kate!


  7. Now, I am not a dog person; I love my cat to here and beyond. I do not like cleaning up dog poops either. But, what I have noticed may have to influence your daughter. My daughter, now 32, has lived in apartments for a long time and the rule was “You had to clean up your dog poops.” She loved her dog and wanted to keep him, so, she does. She has a house now, and is in the habit so, it works out well.
    Just sayin…


    • I love cats as well, and I think cleaning a litter box is just as yucky as scooping up dog poops. But, we do what we must for our beloved pets. In time, my kids will learn it’s just another household chore. Until then …

      Thanks for stopping by, Scott!


  8. Hahaha.. totally persuasive! Love it! He should get an A+ and oh my god he knows how to play it well. How can dad not be convinced. πŸ˜‰
    I’m inspired now to do the same addressed to my family (son, hubby) ” why I’m the only one who cleans out the cat litter box ”
    Keep us posted. πŸ™‚


  9. A very interesting post, Kate! I remember telling my mom that I shouldn’t have to do dishes every other night when my brothers’ only chore was to take out the garbage every other week. I thought we should share both jobs, because neither job had anything to do with gender, beyond caving in to stereotypes. My mom didn’t go for it, and my brothers certainly didn’t either, which really affronted my sense of justice.
    There’s no reason why all kids shouldn’t learn and share all chores.

    Your son is very persuasive, but cleaning up dog poop doesn’t preclude having family time. I would have both kids clean dog poop, either together or taking turns, and playing the game or spending the quality time as a reward for doing what needs to be done. If Maddie enjoys the pooch, then unless she is too young to help, she should have a turn too, so long as your son takes his turn doing whatever chores Maddie has to do.

    The exception to this is the Dads and Moms who do grownup work necessary for the running and funding of a household. They should be exempt; if they are bringing home the bacon and driving kids around and cooking and doing taxes, (in other words, taking care of everybody else’s shXX, then they don’t need to be picking up dog poop too.


    • Hi Naomi,

      Good suggestions! I loved how Riley’s distaste for the chore has motivated us to review all household chores and revamp where necessary. It’s been a positive shift all around.

      Thanks for swinging by and commenting.

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