Go Ahead. Make a Blogger’s Day!

I posted the first Make a Blogger’s Day a while back, and I had every intention to run it on a regular basis. Sadly, I dropped the ball. But, I’m picking it back up and resuming the fun.

Make a Blogger’s Day is a chance for you to give a shout-out to a blog post someone else wrote, which touched you in some way. It can be inspirational, educational, heartwarming, humorous, or just plain silly and fun.

Here’s a post that moved me greatly. Vanessa-Jane Chapman posted about a friend of hers who is raising awareness of religion-based homophobia through a charity, the Naz & Matt Foundation. Please stop by Vanessa’s blog and read about Matt’s efforts to peacefully educate those who might not understand the challenges experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex (LGBTQI) individuals.

Make a blogger's day by sharing someone else's post.

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Go Ahead. Make a Blogger’s Day.

Comment below with a link to a post from someone else’s blog. Briefly explain why this particular post struck a chord with you, or even, made your day.

Then, take the opportunity to click on a link or two shared by fellow bloggers and read a post you might not have seen otherwise. I encourage you to comment on the post, let the blogger know someone thought his or her post was meaningful enough to share with friends.

Just a few rules:

  1. Only link to someone else’s post, not your own.

  2. Only link to G-rated or PG-rated posts, please.

  3. Visit at least one post listed in the comment section and leave the blogger a comment. Remember, the idea is to make a blogger’s day –  bloggers love comments!

  4. Spammers? Go ahead, make my day.


40 thoughts on “Go Ahead. Make a Blogger’s Day!

  1. I’ve been away for a couple weeks so haven’t read too many posts lately, but I did read the one by Vanessa that you linked to above. Such an important subject, and I admire the way her friend is dealing with his loss by trying to raise awareness.


  2. Well, add me to the list of readers who have been away from blogging for a while! This is such a great idea, though, Kate, and I hope to have someone’s post to share the next time you do this. There’s still so much organizing to do after this move, but I’m really hoping April will see me back into a more normal routine—especially for writing and blogging!


  3. I, too, have read the post of Vanessa’s friend who’s fighting religious homophobia. Inspiring!

    Here’s a link to a fellow Write On Mama’s (writing group in the SF Bay Area) post about having one of the breast cancer mutations and her decisions around dealing with it:


    She also has an essay in Salon. http://www.salon.com/2015/03/29/my_decision_to_keep_my_breasts_when_angelina_jolies_choice_is_different_from_your_own/#comments


    • Wow, I hadn’t heard about what happened to Galit. I simply don’t understand some people. That was a great post to read, and helpful for me as I have two kids who are “of social media age”. Thanks for sharing!


    • That was a great post on story structure. I used to be a pantser, so I’m getting used to thinking about structure and why it’s so important before I lay down the story. Great ideas in Kat’s post.


      • She’s been my critique partner since we met in 2012. She’s really good at story structure and she writes great atmospheric setting too. We kind of balance out each other’s strengths and push each other to be better. 🙂


    • What a wonderful post, Karin. Thanks so much for introducing her on 4amWriter. I think the work she’s doing is awesome. Not only is she raising awareness, but she’s teaching her kids such an invaluable lesson — something they will always remember and apply in their own lives.


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