My Rabbit-hole: Self-publishing

My writing journey will be taking me right down the rabbit hole in just a few weeks, when I release the first book of my ebook series, Writer…Uninterrupted.

The ebooks evolved from my blog series of the same name, posts where I reveal my struggles, lessons learned, and growth as I try to balance writing with life.

My hope with the books is to reach out to people who want to be writers, but don’t feel they have the courage, strength, or skill to make it happen. Or, to writers who have taken the plunge but are caught in a whirlpool of uncertainty. Or, to those who are curious about this writing gig but don’t know how to get started. Even if you’re a modish gladiator like I am, bringing on the writing can be a fearsome prospect.

I believe anyone can be a writer. I also believe anyone can be a published writer, as long as one puts heart, soul, and a bit of ferocity into the effort. Obstacles such as lack of time or support are real issues, but there are real solutions that go above and beyond “just write.”

I often hear that other writers have given up on their dream because they couldn’t fit writing into a busy lifestyle, or because the rejections from literary agents became too painful, or because they couldn’t finish the first draft, or because a normal person urged them to do something else.

The common theme that I find among these writers is that they’ve given themselves an out. Rather than trying to reach their goals via a different route, they give up entirely because reality doesn’t match their visualized path to certain goals.

This means there are stories out in the universe that will never, ever be read by anyone else. I think that’s sad. And unnecessary.


That’s where Writer … Uninterrupted comes in. Handbooks to guide story brewers at all stages of their quest. Handbooks that not only help keep the writing dream alive, but also help set the dream into ass-kicking motion.

Over the next few weeks, as I learn to navigate my rabbit-hole, I’ll talk a little bit more about the series, how I arrived at this decision, and my overall vision for these handbooks.


How about you? Fallen down any rabbit holes recently?


51 thoughts on “My Rabbit-hole: Self-publishing

  1. I know at times I’ve poured heart and soul into my stories, but the ferocity factor is often missing. And it’s likely the weapon I need to combat not only the obvious enemies like self-doubt but also the sneaky ones like laziness and distraction.

    I’m really looking forward to this series, and I’m so glad you’re making it available! It should be a great help not only to new writers but to those like me who have hit some bumps and could use a helpful hand in getting back on track. 🙂

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    • I think it’s when I finally became ferocious that I started moving forward on my journey. I believe you’re right — it probably is the one weapon we all need to combat self-doubt, laziness, and distraction.

      Thanks for your support, JM. I told myself, if nothing else, I’ll be learning more about the publishing and marketing end of the industry. Should be an interesting ride!

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    • Thanks, Coleen. I always enjoy writing about writing, but feel kind of tethered by the word count limit in blog posts. With the ebooks, I’ll be able to offer more guidance and also be a little more creative. Above all, I plan to have fun with this project!


    • I hope I can help other writers with the books. There’s always so much more I want to say when I’m doling out the 600-or-so-word posts, but I don’t want to make them too long. I guess the posts will be the bite-size version of the books! Wish they were made of chocolate. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Dianne. I hope that I can reach some writers who are feeling stuck or otherwise mystified by the writing journey. Not that I know it all, but I certainly know what it’s like to want to quit just because I didn’t have a strong enough understanding of why I want to write. Now I do, and it’s made all the difference.


  2. This is so exciting, Kate! ❤

    I have always been inspired by your experience and insight, and I am so happy others will be able to get that feeling, too, now! If you don't mind, I'd like to push this through my own social media outlets, to spread the word. Your talents and guidance are sure to help so many of us out here. 😀

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    • How did you do that heart? That’s so cool!

      Mayumi, if you’re willing to spread the word, I would honestly appreciate that. I’m admittedly having trouble announcing it. Publishing this post alone gave me hives! (Not really, but close enough!) You’re super sweet to help me out on that end.


      • Absolutely! Your guidance and critique has helped me so much over the years, whether it was about character intro cliches or dynamic fight scenes. 🙂
        (The heart is made with the open chevron/angle bracket and a number 3. It looks a little bit like an uneven heart.)

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  3. Whoa and yay! Where in the heck did this come from, you secretive writer, you! 🙂

    This is very exciting and I can’t wait to read it and share it like crazy. Sounds like an awesome inspirational tool. Congrats, love!

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    • That’s the introvert in me, I guess. I’m super private, and even though I want to help other writers, I have such a hard time making a big deal out of my ventures. However, I am ready to grow my freelance business and this seemed like a great place to start. Thanks for your support!

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  4. I read a wonderful article that said you must make some decisions regarding writing: you must decide if you just want to write; if so, then write – whatever.
    If you want to be published, then self=publish – there you are published.
    If you want to make money publishing – oh, well, now you have to follow the rules.
    I wanted to be published by someone else and am – money did not enter much into it. I am happy and satisfied.
    Now, on to my book and however long that takes.

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    • I think I would agree with the person who wrote the article. 5 years ago, I would have had my arguments, but I think, as we all do, I needed to go through that part of my journey — the heart-rending struggle — before I could make this decision. Now, I’m much more open-minded about indie publishing, and even though everyone and his cat can go indie, I still think some rules have to be followed if you want an audience who is eager for more. 🙂

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      • If not so right now, we are certainly heading that way. Perhaps, not in our lifetime, but maybe, brick and mortar publishing houses will go by the wayside. Then, people will get picky about what they want and how much it is.

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      • I hope that honest-to-God bookstores never go extinct. To me, you still can’t beat sitting in a bookstore with a cup of coffee and a great (physical) book on a quiet Sunday afternoon.


  5. The rabbit hole sounds exciting and I’m excited for you! It is sad to think of all the stories that don’t make it out there for whatever reason. I can see how something like this would help writers at all levels since there are challenges at every stage. Congratulations and I’ll look forward to hearing more about the adventure!

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    • Thanks, Sheila. I guess, in a lot of ways, we writers are lucky to be experiencing the height of indie publishing. Of course, there are still many drawbacks to this method of getting our books out there. But, I think if we work hard and write the best books we can, then we should be taking advantage of this opportunity.

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  6. The rabbit hole… perfect description! It is a rather lonely and shaky road a writer traverses. It’s books like yours, blogs like yours, authors like you that inspire. Mathair and I were blown away by the support within the writing community from fellow authors. We had thought entering the literary world would be highly competitive with authors that were out to get each other, but it was nothing of the sort. We were embraced yet challenged; inspired to carve our own path; supported without hesitation. Can’t wait to have a copy of your book and find inspiration and support from a person that knows the hardships that come with writing. Have a great holiday weekend. 😀

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    • Thanks, ladies! You know, you and I are part of a pretty unusual community of supportive writers. I think that there are pockets of competitive, nasty writers who are out to get each other. But, this corner of the blogging world is absolutely the best I can hope to be a part of. In truth, you blogging pals of mine are a big reason I’m taking this step. So, thank you for your support!


  7. Great post Kate and I do wish you all good luck with the series! I think it will be a helpful and supporting resource for all ambitious writers out there. I agree with your saying that rather than trying to reach your goals via a “different route”, most give up entirely because reality doesn’t match their visualized path to certain goals. It takes persistence, creativity and especially an ‘out-of-the-box’ mindset to pursue your goals after a setback. Sometimes, I’m guilty about this too..being too fixed about the outcome and then letting discouragement take over
    I love that particular quote of Maya Angelou; “there’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you” (posted it on my welcome page)

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    • Plan ‘B’ is not only necessary in our career paths, but in life in general. It took me a long time to understand that just because I wasn’t realizing my dream didn’t mean I had to keep spinning my wheels. We have other options, but it’s up to us to follow them.

      Maya Angelou always did know the perfect things to say. 🙂


  8. Congrats and way to put yourself out there.

    Been falling down the rabbit hole for a long time! And the rabbit hole isn’t straight, either. I’ve encountered golden carrots, but I’ve also hit my head in the dark. I’m over-extending this metaphor, aren’t I? hahaha.

    Phrases I’ve learned along the way:

    Don’t quit before the miracle happens.
    Don’t get out of the buffet line (when you think you see a shorter, faster line)
    and my fave:
    Just keep swimming.
    (can rabbits swim?)

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    • Hey Danika, I love how you put the metaphor to good use. You’ve covered just about everything I’m feeling about this decision. And lovin’ your phrases too. I actually have “Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing” on my study door (chanted to the tune of Just keep swimming, just keep swimming). I figure, at this point, turning back is pretty stupid. Plus, I need the exercise.


  9. Sounds like a very cool project. Looking forward to hearing more about it. My rabbit hole has been drafting the sequel to TGWIG. I’ve written 61k in 6 weeks which is my fastest writing time ever. I love getting lost in this book and these characters. It’s my sanity as the promo push builds and all the marketing stuff has to get done daily. 🙂

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    • 61k in 6 weeks is amazing progress! I be writing that much is so much easier when we know it has a home, not to mention loving the story and the characters. Hang on to your sanity. We only get one! 😉


  10. Congratulations. Sounds wonderful. Does it come with a pizza? I’ll have anchovies please. No eels.

    About: “How about you? Fallen down any rabbit holes recently?”
    I’ve done that and issued my 40 page epic poem in an e-book. It’s a spoof involving (loosely) financial matters. It’s called Alice In Wunderkinderland With a Hedgehog


    Through a study of these adventures, Alice can reveal to us the monetary madness of the Great Recession and beyond. This form is the greatest Epic poem on derivatives ever written since the Glass-Steagill Act fell. Financial critics who have played Croquet with the Hedgehogs in the pages of the Great American Novel have lent tacit-ephemeral, imaginary praise to this magnificent verse. Alice says strat-tea-tackfully, every poem must have a pie thrown at it to lend it color and flavor, but

    There are rumbles in the world where
    every blade of grass cries, and
    as we run through it,
    it tries to comb the hair of our sorrows

    Comb through these pages, and grow, or glow — whichever comes first. But for the benefit of mankind and for the ultimate salvation of narcissists everywhere, I will reveal a secret: I have received an official communication from the League of Benevolent Galaxies. I am shocked to learn that in the process of writing this epic, I have been named the Poet Laureate of the Primitive Planets. Secretary-General Chytchalrorix informs me that there is no stipend, but the paper certificate, made from the pulp of their long extinct keypapx tree is engraved thus:

    Poet Laureate of the Primitive Planets, (Milky Way Division), Category 15297xt7388: Backward and Primitive Planets. The certificate is for sale if this Epic Poem doesn’t do well.

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  11. This sounds very original! Looks like you’ve had a lot of fun, not only writing the piece, but building a whole world around it. I think we have to get as lost as much as possible in our work if we hope to see it through to our goals. Then comes the next stage of our creativity — inspiring people to want to read our work. I find that more difficult, but nonetheless enjoyable.

    Good luck with your quest!


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