Reflection ~ 2016

To cap off my blogging for 2016, I had this crazy fun idea to look back on my posts and write a poem embodying what I’ve blogged—but also, what I haven’t blogged, the stuff I kept to myself, another symptom of my blogger vs author syndrome.

Not everything I feel, think, or experience is posted on 4amWriter, but as I read through my posts I discovered that things unsaid are undeniably present.

What I kept silent fed the words that I made public.

This poem is meant to capture the essence of my 2016. I’d love to hear how you look upon your 2016 in the comments below.



I will be enjoying the holidays with my family and friends for the next two weeks, returning to the blog the week of January 9, 2017.

Have a writerly holiday season!!



32 thoughts on “Reflection ~ 2016

    • I’m kind of enjoying the underground, to be truthful. 🙂 Get just as much work done with half the hassle from the “haters” (i.e., people who don’t understand writing is a job!). Here’s to a new writerly year!


    • I don’t consider myself a poet, so this was a really great writing exercise for me. You’re right, we writers do carry our own special versions of passion and frustration. Hopefully, I can use those to my advantage in 2017! Happy Holidays, Andrea!

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  1. Beautiful poem – and I felt the same way! All the injustices are disturbing, that’s for sure. Even though there have been some recent victories, the environmental news still has a way of dragging me down. It all seems too huge and overwhelming. I enjoy the underground too, but I know we’ll keep rising up to help or fight however we can. Wishing you a new year filled with peace and love!

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    • I’m with you, Sheila. I loved hearing the latest news about China ending their ivory trade. I hope they mean it. Would be a major victory for elephants.

      Happy 2017 and wishing you lots of success and joy with your writing!


      • Yes, the ivory trade makes no sense at all and that was a great one to hear. Now we’ve got to end the shark fin trade and all those other practices where we take too much. I’ll look forward to more victories – Happy 2017!

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  2. Going underground is a necessity for a writer, I think, Kate. As well as for a humanist and a sensitive soul. I know that I get revitalized when I allow myself to ‘go underground’ and regroup.
    Congrats on your poetic review. And here’s to a warm and loving (and writing) New Year.

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