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Today was a bittersweet day for me as a self-published author. I received print proofs for the remaining two ebooks in my backlist pile. I started the process of converting my three books into paperback editions last summer. Yeah, yeah…it’s April now.

Working on this paperback book project happened during my “abundant” spare time as I run a content marketing consulting business full-time. I know many of you can relate, because like me, you aren’t one of the unicorns writing novels for a living.

In truth, it took me almost seven years to get here. Converting my ebooks into paperback editions was always a goal of mine, but I had no idea how I would pull it off as a DIY author. Well, I finally got over my BS and did something about it . . .


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4amWriter is Saying Goodbye

Branding, Platform, and Community

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is feeling rested and energized and ready for a great 2018!

As for me, I am ready to move onward & upward. is retiring. I will be shutting its doors officially in March, and I’ve been slowly moving my content to a new home.

Since 2012, has been my stomping grounds, a place where I have made astounding and unforgettable comrades-in-pens.

I am an introvert and quite shy, so putting myself out there, on an alien-like platform called a “blog,” was an interesting, um, feat. Over time, blogging boosted my confidence and sharpened my writing, editing, and communication skills. I learned a tremendous amount about my real-world self, my writing self, and how to partner the two harmoniously.

Blogging blessed me with the opportunity to help other writers, and that is how my story coaching business bloomed. I discovered that I’m pretty good at giving constructive feedback on writing, content editing, inspiring writers at all points of their journeys, coming up with new & fresh ideas to make writing an active part of life, and building strategies to help writers begin, stick with, and finish their projects.

Many clients found me through blogging, some of whom only needed help on a solitary issue while others have needed ongoing support. I began a series of blog posts entitled Writer…Uninterrupted, which generated a lot of questions and requests for more information, to the point I decided to expand the blog posts into e-books, with more in-depth guidance and mini-journals. Those, in turn, spurred me to create and teach multiple writing workshops in my local area, all based on the original blog posts.

While I also write a monthly e-letter, run fundraising campaigns, manage several writing groups, host writing contests–I want to do so much more! And this site is not equipped to handle everything I want to offer.

Unveiling … *cue trumpets*

Looking for a story coach or a freelance writer? Check out Kate Johnston's coaching site for fair, reasonable, and skilled writing help.

My new business website, Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach, is on a more robust platform that will allow me to provide value to my audience — you sweet-ums.

Here is what you can expect from me:

A blog post once a week, typically Mondays.

I will be blogging about all things writing that will be a healthy mix of informational and inspirational value-packed content. I always take requests! So if there is something you are specifically struggling with or wanting to know more about, share it in the comments below (along with your pizza, of course), and I’ll be happy to oblige.

I would love to continue seeing your friendly faces and conversations over at my new blogging headquarters. You will have to re-subscribe if you want email notifications of my blog posts. There are embedded forms on every page at the bottom where I mention something about blogging and pizza…?… I dunno, just fill in one of those forms if you’d like to receive notifications of my blog posts.

A FREE online course to help writers find ideas and inspiration every single day. (Coming soon!)

A monthly e-letter that I’d love for you to subscribe to: Museletter for Writers.

Sign up for story coach Kate Johnston's Museletter for Writers for actionable writing tips and value-packed content

I promise to not spam you, because that’s uncouth, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Inside each monthly e-letter you will find a little ditty by moi, focused on a writing-real world conundrum and what I have found has worked for me. I share my discoveries in hopes of helping you, too!

Other topics of interest include a writing tip, announcements of any local or online courses/workshops I’m offering, special bonuses or deals on my products & services, and a brief news announcement of a current environmental issue. (Related to my fundraising program, Writers for Wildlife, which supports various non-profit organizations worldwide. 10% of all my earnings are donated to selected organizations for ongoing biodiversity and conservation protections or emergency relief efforts. Your support of my writing classes, workshops, consultations, and books not only helps a child or adult grow their writing skills but also helps threatened and endangered species across the planet.)

To subscribe to Museletter for Writers, you have the option of typing in your info in a pop-up or in a sidebar widget which you can find on this PAGE.

With your subscription, you’ll receive some fun bonuses and offers and chances to WIN FREE writing help, so I really hope you’ll sign up!

A page listing my books and other products (soon to be announced!) that are designed to support and guide you on your writing journey.

A Facebook Author Page: Kate Johnston | Author – come on over and follow me for quick writing tips, old-fashioned inspiration, or to ask storycrafting questions!

A Facebook group, #TeamWriter, which you are all invited to join. It is a closed group, so just request to join and I’m happy to oblige.

Plus, a lot of other fun plans that are still hush-hush!

Are you looking for a story coach or a freelance writer? Check out Kate Johnston |Author & Story Coach for fair, reasonable, and skilled writing help.

So, let’s recap in case you skimmed or just want to see all the doodads in one place:




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I will post here occasionally over the next couple of months to catch up with any stragglers, but if you want to find me right away, then my new site is the place to go! Bring pizza!

Have a Writerly Day!