Writers, Start Your NaNoWriMo Engines

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Starting November 1st writers across the globe will be hunkering down at their laptops, desktops, paper, what-have-you, and crafting a brand-new story for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). We get thirty days to write 50,000 words. A writing frenzy that will require loads of caffeine, inspiration, and perseverance.

Ever tried NaNoWriMo but abandoned your story either midway or at the end of the challenge? Then NaNoWriMo Prep is for you! I teach pre-NaNo strategies to help writers prepare for their 50,000-word creation so that they stay on track all thirty days.

I’m offering a NaNoWriMo challenge to any of my members in my Facebook hive #TeamWriter, and you can join too if this sounds like something you want to try.

Read THIS POST to find out how you can get in on the fun!

Have a writerly day!

Why Balance Keeps You Stuck

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Words don’t always fit each and every one of us in the same way. We use them, believe in them, and there’s a real possibility we are setting ourselves up to believe in something that isn’t applicable to us.

One such word that really rubs me the wrong way is BALANCE.

Now I’m not talking about the word in the sense of balancing our checkbooks, or balancing play groups in school, or balancing a tray of dishes. The idea of balance works in those scenarios.

I’m talking about how so many of us use the word to describe how we strive to manage the different aspects of our lives, goals, responsibilities, and interruptions. It’s all about balance.

Some time ago, I stopped using that word to describe my efforts in managing my daily grind. I realized that I will never find balance in the sense of trying to keep things evened out, equalized, stress-free. I was actually making things worse with my constant struggle to make everything work in a “balanced” way.

I posted about this HERE where I also introduce my new word that works so much better for me. In fact, since dropping “balance” from my vocabulary I have created more time in my day. How in the hellula is that possible? But there you have it. Read the post to see if my word choice is one you might like to add to your daily vocabulary.

Oh, and when you read the post, be sure to download my FREE workbook –

Habitat & Time Assessment for Writers

This workbook / journal will help you get control of those two key aspects that affect your natural writing forces. (And there’s a fun giveaway in the content upgrade too, so what are ya waiting for?)

Have a Writerly Day!