How to Write with an Inner Critic

Inspiration, Magic, and Creativity

My inner critic first visited me when I was in junior high school, and she has never left. I christened her ‘Eris’ after I took a mythology course. I thought it was appropriate.

If Eris were a character in a novel, I would describe her as a dangerously beautiful pirate, no doubt. Long black hair. Pale complexion. Swift with a sword. Stealthy, unfair, judgmental, and cruel. But she loves birds. Maybe she would have a pet raven or hawk. She spends her time sailing through my writer self at her whim. She has full reign there. No story is safe. She squashes them all with the toe of her crocodile skin boot.

But why the hatred of my stories? What is so terrible about my writer self that she feels necessary to stomp upon and light afire?



Your Secret Garden of Writing

Inspiration, Magic, and Creativity

Secret-garden stories are the seeds of our creativity, and just like a garden, they need to be nurtured in order to grow and bloom. But they are better off staying in that garden and won’t do so well if you transplant them elsewhere. Read this inspirational post to help you find peace with the stories closest to your heart.

How Disney Sparks My Writing Magic

Inspiration, Magic, and Creativity

There is a magic I associate with Disney because Disney helped pull me through some painful adolescent days and some tough times at home. I have grown to trust that Disney will pull me through anything, revitalize me, clarify my vision, refuel me.

Disney sparks a writing magic that helped me forge my identity and my journey. A writing magic that hits me in the gut and reminds me of what I want to achieve with my stories.

But it’s tough magic too, getting me to dig deep, to challenge myself. Am I happy with my progress? Am I being daring enough? Am I taking advantage of opportunities?

Disney reminds me of all that is possible, even when there are plenty of obstacles and walls. He knew what he wanted to achieve, even before it had been done or dreamed. He was a man of invention, imagination, innovation. He believed in himself and what he could achieve, and he didn’t let anything stand in his way.

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